catch the moment 365 :: week 4


Thanks to my “homework” for my photography class, I forced myself to get some pictures of the boys outside this week. We are currently studying shutter speed and motion, and our assignment was to take pictures that both stop motion and show motion, so 2 of my photos this week demonstrate this. But aside from […]

catch the moment 365 :: week 3


Phew, I’m finally caught up. I’m so excited to have Week 3 posted on time (well, close enough!) I’m also excited to share my *new* blog with the Catch the Moment 365 group, but also a bit nervous since I haven’t really told anybody about it yet. I’ve been good at remembering to take a […]

catch the moment 365 :: week 1


01|365When B was about 3 years old, playing board games became a nightly ritual in our house. C is finally starting to participate with big brother & Dad, instead of just trying to destroy their activity! (Side note: these “cooperative games” are a huge hit; everyone plays and there is no one winner. I know […]