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I mentioned before that I would post about “non-photography” things from time to time, and with my old blog (Mama Dish) ending, I’d like to re-purpose some of my most-viewed content here.

I am so pleased when I get new comments on posts I wrote 2 years ago, so I’d hate it if these helpful tutorials disappeared into the blog graveyard. Here is a post from 5/9/13 and I *cringe* when I look at some of these photos, but I’m still proud of my baseball banner!!

The day we signed up Brady for t-ball was a glorious day, not just for him (the boy LOVES playing baseball!), but also for me. The Boy Mom in me was bubbling over with excitement filling out his registration, especially when I got to the “parent participation” portion…

“Would you like to be a Team Parent?”

Would I? WOULD I?!?

I was born to be a team parent.

So imagine my excitement when my first order of business as a team parent was to create a banner for the kids to carry at the town’s spring parade!

My mind was immediately filled with grand images of team logos, t-shirts, baseballs, etc., but I went ahead and consulted Pinterest anyway, for a little inspiration. Luckily for me I came across this banner from Blue Susan Makes, and I used it as my starting point. Since I don’t own a sewing machine, and I have a Mac, our process and end product is a little different.

Here is how I went about making my banner–


{I probably should have ironed that felt first. Oops!}


One large piece of felt (our finished banner was 3′ x 5′)*

Half-yard of white felt (for logo and baseballs)

Half-yard of colored felt to match your team’s logo

Pre-cut felt letters and numbers (like these purchased at Joann Fabrics or Michaels).

White dimensional fabric paint (aka, “puffy paint”)

Red marker (or red “puffy paint” if you want that extra flair)

Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Fabric glue (like Tacky Glue)

Fabric shears

Scotch tape

Circle stencil, or something round like a bowl (for baseballs)

6′ Wooden rounder

How To


Print your team’s logo in a “poster” size. If you have a PC, you can use Microsoft Publisher and follow these directions. I have a Mac, so I downloaded the Mindcad Tiler App ($4.99 on iTunes) and created a logo that was approx. 20″ x 15″. The logo prints on 4 sheets of paper, so you will need to line up the outline and tape them together to form the logo. To save on ink, I suggest printing in black & white.


Carefully cut out the paper logo and secure it to the felt with tape (however you feel comfortable), then trace the outline with a marker. Cut out the felt logo with fabric shears. If your logo has two different layers/colors, trim the paper logo and retrace on the second (inside) color felt. (Note: Once I cut the bottom layer, I decided I wanted to swap colors in the logo. So I just cut out the large logo again in white, then trimmed down the orange logo to fit inside it.)


Layer the logos on top of one another and glue together with fabric glue. Place the logo aside and let dry completely. Creating the logo was the most time/labor intensive. The rest is super easy!


Using a circle stencil, or another round object like a bowl, trace outlines for your baseballs onto the white felt. My circles were 4″ round. I made enough balls for each player on the team and the coach, as well as one extra for good measure :)

Cut out the circles and create the ball stitching by using either a red marker (I used my son’s Crayola) or red puffy paint. I had intended to use the paint but defaulted to marker because it was approx. 11pm at this point and I didn’t have time to let the paint dry. They ended up turning out just fine! Then, I put the¬†1″ felt sticker numbers on each of the baseballs.

At this point I decided to wrap the felt over the wooden rounder, so I knew exactly where my center point was before adhering the logo, letters, and baseballs. Because I don’t have a sewing machine, I just folded over approx. 3 ” of fabric at the top of the banner and used my glue gun to secure the flap. Be careful not to use too much glue as it can show through to the front of your banner.


Now it was time to lay all the pieces on the banner. I started with the logo and placed it directly in the center, securing it with the fabric glue. Then, I used the felt stickers to spell out the town and the year. If you don’t want to use the stickers (which believe me, saves a TON of time), then you can always hand write everything with puffy paint. Next, I glued the balls in a random fashion on each side of the logo.


Once all the baseballs were placed, I wrote the first name of each boy, and the coach, above the corresponding number/ball. Then I went to bed, ‘cuz it was late. Everything finished drying overnight and we were ready to go first thing in the morning!

I was really pleased with how it turned out, and more so that I could do it all in one evening (~3 hours) without being totally overwhelmed. If you have time and want to space it out, go for it!

Oh, and one last piece of advice… if you are making your banner for a t-ball team, you may want to go a little shorter than I did (maybe 4′ x 2′), otherwise, they may end up looking like this in the parade…

Parade{gotta love them shorties!}

Thanks again to Blue Susan Makes for the inspiration!

If you’ve made a team banner for your kiddos, share the link in the comments. I’d love to see it!

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