playing catch up :: ctm 365 weeks 6-9

Well, hello again! It’s been quite a while since my last post (46 days to be exact, but who’s counting?!) Being sick, traveling, and then falling way behind on editing will do that to a blogger. I’m doing my best to catch up, but in order to not go completely insane, a few of the in-between weeks are going to be smooshed together in collages. Shall we go back in time?!

week 6

The nasty bug I caught in the middle of week 5 turned into a full blown sinus infection. I was laid out for days, totally miserable. I didn’t pick up the camera for 3 in a row, but I have come to terms with it. Sometimes life trumps passion! Gotta listen to your body when it says, “sleep!” The biggest downer that week was that I couldn’t even hold my own godson at his baptism, and I hardly took any photos there either :(


CTM15_Wk6Collage(clockwise from top left)

I miss wine (too sick, not preggers!) :: Happy (early) Valentine’s Day “bear hugs” with CJ :: Waiting for our flight at the airport (week 6 inspiration was “window”) :: The cake from my godson’s baptism

 week 7

We spent week 7 vacationing in our old hometown– Mountain View, CA. It felt heavenly to get out of the bitter cold in Chicago and go back to warm & sunny NorCal. Nothing but sunshine and 70s for 6 days straight! The boys were thrilled to be reunited with their little buddies and I loved drinking with seeing their moms :)


CTM15_Wk7Collage(clockwise from top left)

first night in CA and we’re still sick :: B shows off his favorite find at the beach :: CJ at the park :: a bunch of boys “swimming” in the hot tub :: football practice with Daddy :: swinging in the sunshine!

CTM15_Day45week 7 inspiration was “love”! these are the valentines we made for B’s classmates

Unfortunately, I learned about exposure compensation after I took this photo, so the white paper looks too grey here. But now I know how to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Tip: When shooting a subject that’s mostly white (to avoid it appearing grey like it does above), manually adjust the exposure compensation on your camera to the positive side, to over-expose the image (start small, then adjust as needed). This will allow the white color to pop. On the flip-side, when shooting a subject that’s mostly black, adjust the exposure compensation to the negative side, to under-expose the image. This will help to keep your blacks crisp and not looking grey.

week 8

This was a tough week, photography-wise. I was definitely in a rut. There was still so much snow on the ground, temps were way below freezing (can you say, more school closures?!), and we were in the house more hours of the day than we were out. I was sick of taking pictures of the same things over and over. I mean, I LOVE taking photos of my kids, but the scenery behind them was becoming so redundant.

So, I started to take photos of other things in my house, that still reflect our “every day”. But as it turns out, the most interesting things in my house are my kids, so I should just stick with them moving forward :)


CTM15_Wk8Collage(clockwise from top left)

home for two days and my suitcase is still packed… maybe we should just go back! :: Tinley is super happy to have us home, can’t you tell? :: grilled cheese shaped like triceratops for lunch :: a colorful veggie drawer means we’re getting back on track :: CJ in his favorite pjs

week 9

Still stuck inside… I captured a few more “non-children” everyday photos, some of which were for my photography class. The animal prints in the snow was done using exposure compensation (see previous post) and the photo of the plants was shot to demonstrate 3 different types of composition. Can you guess which ones?!


CTM15_Wk9Collage(clockwise from top left)

loot for the boys from the Dollar Spot at Target :: 2 perfect little animal prints in the snow by my front door; I’m going to pretend it was an adorable, totally harmless, fuzzy bunny (but probably not) :: fake plants in our office window, to help to demonstrate 3 different types of composition– framing (the window), fill the frame, and rule of odds :: playing “camping” with CJ in the family room. that blanket was his dad’s when he was a baby! :: this kid always has his tongue hanging out when he’s on his tablet. what’s up with that? :: a little green smoothie and Team Umizoomi to get the day started

Phew! That wasn’t so hard. I’m more than halfway there! Weeks 10 & 11 coming very soon.

** Catch the Moment 365 is a year-long photography project hosted by Behind the Camera and DreamingStavish Stills PhotographyMy Life, Our Journey. If you are doing a 365 photo project and you want to link up, or if you just want to see more photos from other bloggers, please visit one of their sites. **

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