catch the moment 365 :: week 3

Phew, I’m finally caught up. I’m so excited to have Week 3 posted on time (well, close enough!) I’m also excited to share my *new* blog with the Catch the Moment 365 group, but also a bit nervous since I haven’t really told anybody about it yet.

I’ve been good at remembering to take a photo with my DSLR every day; being in my photography class helps with that tremendously. But sometimes I do let it slip to the end of the day, so lighting is bad or we are already indoors for the day. I have to try and get my photos done earlier in the day so they look better!

15|365CTM15_Day15Waiting for big brother to get out of school is not this one’s favorite past time. I managed to get him to pose & smile between repeats of “I wanna get out, I wanna get out, I wanna get ooouuuttttt!”

16|365CTM15_Day16My little eskimo boy. I love taking up-close portrait pictures. One might say I have too many, but I don’t care. He changes so quickly; pretty soon he’ll have TWO missing teeth (he has another loose one about to fall out!)

After I took this picture, we discussed how to manually adjust the camera exposure to lighten faces in back-lit situations. I’ll do a comparison post on this soon!

17|365CTM15_Day17I’m very blessed with children who actually love to brush their teeth. Fun toothbrushes that light up help too :)

18|365CTM15_Day18This is me, behind my camera. I took it because I was curious about what my face looked like when it was all scrunched up behind the camera. It’s not good… hahaha.

19|365CTM15_Day19This was one of those days that I remembered at 11pm that I hadn’t taken a photo that day, so I let my dog out in the backyard and tried to pose him on the stairs under a terrible porch light. I didn’t know he was going to run off and eat mud before I got the shot in. Naughty Tinley.

20|365CTM15_Day20This week’s CTM365 Inspiration was “Eat”. I started making fun “bento-style” lunches for B last year, because he simply wasn’t eating what I was packing before. I thought if I made it more interesting, he’d look forward to lunch. And I was right! Once I started doing smaller portions of different kinds of foods, he was coming home with empty lunch boxes every time (no, he was not throwing the food out, I checked!) He is eating new foods too, with no questions asked. The other wonderful bonus of these lunch boxes– no waste. This one pictured is from YumBox and it is my most used lunch box.

I’m going to write a post about all our bento supplies soon, with some yummy photos for inspiration. In the meantime, you can follow along on Instagram #bradyslunch

21|365CTM15_Day21When Daddy’s away, Aunt Amanda comes to play. But first, she has to do some work! C was happy to keep her company at the table while he did some “cun-ner-ning” (aka, coloring). I am still working on getting my indoor photos to not be so… orange. When I adjust the temperature in edit, it made the outside look really blue/purple. Would love suggestions on how you solve this issue!

Hard to believe January is almost over, but I’m happy to be chugging along nicely with this project. If you want to join in with your own Project 365, you can start at any time. And feel free to join in with our groups and share your posts with the hosts below.

** Catch the Moment 365 is a year-long photography project hosted by Behind the Camera and DreamingStavish Stills PhotographyMy Life, Our Journey. If you are doing a 365 photo project and you want to link up, or if you just want to see more photos from other bloggers, please visit one of their sites. **

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  1. says

    So exciting you are taking a photography class. Can’t wait to see where your photography takes you this year. I love that first photo and hooray for Aunts!

    • Heather says

      Yay, my very first comment :) Thank you so much Mindi, you’ve been such an inspiration to me over the last year. I am excited about seeing where I can go too!

  2. says

    I love the close up portraits as well! I have been trying really hard this year to get some different poses and shots in, but they are definitely my favorite! I love your lunch box idea. I think my daughter would enjoy a lunch like that when she starts school in a couple of years.

    • Heather says

      It is so much fun to make these lunches. But be forewarned– buying all the really cute bento supplies can be addicting!!

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