catch the moment 365 :: week 5

Well, it was an eventful week 5, to say the least. We had a major snowstorm this past Saturday/Sunday. It started snowing at 9pm on Saturday and it never let up, for 29 straight hours! I don’t ever remember seeing a snowfall like that before. When the snow finally did stop, we measured 20 inches total. Then we got 2 more inches on Monday, you know, ‘cuz we needed more.

School was cancelled on Monday, of course, and then I got hit hard with a bug on Tuesday. I’m still recovering, but I’m really just praying that no one else catches it. We’re heading to sunny CA on vacation next week and I don’t want anything to stop us from going. I need a serious break from winter!

29|365CTM15_Day29I was heading out to take the boys to school when I caught a glimpse of this icicle hanging from CJ’s swing; I had to run in and grab my camera. I wish I could have positioned the remains of our last snowman a little better, but I just love the detail on the ice.

30|365CTM15_Day30CJ was assisting Daddy in hanging drapes in his room, but the sound of the electric drill was just too much. This kid slays me.

31|365CTM15_Day31Kickin’ it at swim lessons!

32|365CTM15_Day32This photo was taken about 10am on Sunday morning, when there was only about 8-10 inches on the ground. We bundled the whole family up first thing in the morning and drove to the nearest sledding hill, only to discover the snow was too fluffy to sled on. Oh well! The boys had a great time getting pulled up & down the alley behind our house on the sled, and watching all the neighbors slowblowing. The are officially Chicagoans!

33|365CTM15_Day33After a day and a half of playing in the snow, a little video game break was in order. I found B under the table and thought it was funny. I am having so much trouble with getting the right White Balance indoors, so I had to make this one black & white. But I will continue to work on getting my colors correct; this article on adjusting Kelvin is helping!

34|365CTM15_Day34Decorating for Valentine’s Day, the CJ way!

CTM15_Day35I got these Hallmark Kissin’ Bears from Matt on our first or second Valentine’s Day. Even though they are 13+ years old, they still light up every time they kiss!

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