catch the moment 365 :: week 2

It was a bit of a struggle to get good photos this week. School was closed Wed-Fri for dangerously cold temps, so we were stuck in the house for almost a week! And I have so much trouble taking photos inside after 3pm. We did get some short periods of time outside, but I am too nervous to take my camera out in the snow with the boys! I need a waterproof sack or something ;)

08|365CTM15_Day8It’s been hard to adjust back to Midwest winters, but I do love a nice, peaceful snowfall. We practically had a white out this day; it was absolutely beautiful. This picture would have been much better, if it wasn’t taken through a window, but I don’t want to get snow on my new-ish camera!!

09|365CTM15_Day9I am so amazed at how quickly B has learned to read. At first, he was able to just memorize a few key words (aka, “sight words”), but now he is able to sound out totally new 5 and 6 letter words! He loves reading to us now, and I couldn’t be prouder.

10|365CTM15_Day10Celebrating cousin A’s 5th birthday. So happy to be home to spend these occasions together, we missed far too many when we were in CA.

11|365CTM15_Day11A super grainy photo (ISO up too high!) of the boys building a pillow fort in B’s room. You can tell that I was at my wit’s end because C has his paci out of bed. Mom fail, but all the whining, OMG… And it was only 9am.

12|365CTM15_Day12When B does homework, Mom does too! I was working on one of my projects for my photography class and B was growing tired of me taking his photo. At least he has a good sense of humor!

13|365CTM15_Day13We are running out of indoor activities, but I was able to find ONE pipe cleaner buried in my craft box and C spent 10 whole minutes putting beads on it. I’m pretty sure that’s the longest he’s ever done anything before! I love that their craft table is right next to this sliding door, I am able to get great natural light here.

14|365CTM15_Day14I don’t *love* that he chooses to spend his free time on his tablet, but he earned it and it’s only for an hour a day. His game of choice right now: bowling!

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