catch the moment 365 :: week 1

01|365CTM15_Day1When B was about 3 years old, playing board games became a nightly ritual in our house. C is finally starting to participate with big brother & Dad, instead of just trying to destroy their activity!

(Side note: these “cooperative games” are a huge hit; everyone plays and there is no one winner. I know it’s important to teach the kids to be good losers/winners, but sometimes it’s nice to just see them work together and not worry so much about who is the victor in the end. We highly recommend Race to the Treasure! and Hoot Owl Hoot! by Peaceable Kingdom)

 02|365CTM15_Day2Trying to catch the action during a rousing game of “throw the stuffed animals into the hamper”. Snow days are tough.

03|365CTM15_Day3Cole’s first time on the lanes. He was (surprisingly) patient while everyone took their turns and actually let people help him roll the ball (or throw the ball, in his case). I just wish I could take better photos in bad indoor lighting! This is definitely a huge area of focus for me right now.

04|365CTM15_Day4The first official snowfall of 2015. And Cole’s very first time playing in the snow, ever. It was so much fun to see him pack and throw snowballs, make snow angels, and roll around in the snow… even if it was on concrete (yikes!)

05|365CTM15_Day5B lost his first tooth just a few days before his 6th birthay, about 2 weeks before this photo was taken. I’m still having a hard time adjusting to his new smile, but he is so proud to show it off!

06|365CTM15_Day6These two are seriously the best of buddies. C is always eager to give Tinley a good scratch, and Tinley is happy to accept them… most of the time!

07|365CTM15_Day7This boy is all boy. And he is into superheros big time right now, way earlier than B ever was. I guess that’s what happens when you have a big brother! Christmas gifts this year included Captain America and Spiderman “dolls”, which fight on a constant basis, no matter how many times I tell him they are on the same team!

** Catch the Moment 365 is a year-long photography project hosted by Behind the Camera and DreamingStavish Stills PhotographyMy Life, Our Journey **

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