catch the moment 365 :: week 4

Thanks to my “homework” for my photography class, I forced myself to get some pictures of the boys outside this week. We are currently studying shutter speed and motion, and our assignment was to take pictures that both stop motion and show motion, so 2 of my photos this week demonstrate this.

But aside from these 2 days, we were mostly stuck inside. Ugh. I am still using my DSLR every day (yay me!), but I’m having trouble photographing new images when we do the same things over and over and over again. What do you do when you get in a rut?

22|365CTM15_Day22This photo is obviously my “show motion” image. In the past, I would have instantly deleted a photo like this because it is so blurry… but because it was taken to intentionally show how fast this little bugger moves, I have fallen so in love with it. The focus on his little face isn’t as sharp as I’d like it to be, but overall, I am really pleased with how it turned out. I printed it during lab and I love it even more on paper. I can’t wait to frame it and put it is his room. It captures his personality perfectly– always moving full speed ahead!

This week’s CTM365 Inspiration was “Time” and I think this picture definitely captures the passage of time. Even if it’s only about 2 seconds!

23|365CTM15_Day23Orange face. ‘Nuff said.

24|365CTM15_Day24This is my “stop motion” image. It isn’t my best frozen shot (snow pun not intended), but I really loved this photo for the pure joy that is displayed on the faces of all my boys. They had such a fantastic time playing in the remains of the last snowfall that day, not knowing that a week later there would be 20 inches more of snow in that very spot! More snow pics to come soon…

25|365CTM15_Day25Happy birthday to my Mom! This photo was taken in a very dimly lit restaurant, with a warm glow coming from the fireplace behind her. I took about 30 photos that night and 29 of them were just a complete blur because I had to drop my shutter speed so low to get enough light in, and it showed every move my son made. But still, I liked this photo for the way it shows B and my mom interacting. Him telling her about the picture he was drawing and her listening so intently, even with so much going on around her.

26|365CTM15_Day26The boys playing Just Dance Kids 2014 on the WiiU. I wonder where they get their moves from?!

27|365CTM15_Day27Story time for C and Daddy. His favorite books right now– anything in Peter Rabbit series (Nick Jr. version, of course!)

28|365CTM15_Day28The token potty shot. While we aren’t “training” at this point, C will sit and go every night before his shower. Reward = 2 jellybeans (stickers were a non-starter). As much as I’m ready to ditch the diapers for good, I know that he is nowhere ready for full-on potty training. B wasn’t in undies until 2 years, 11 months, and I’m sure C will be on the same path. So, that leaves me about 4.5 months until I have to stress about this…

** Catch the Moment 365 is a year-long photography project hosted by Behind the Camera and DreamingStavish Stills PhotographyMy Life, Our Journey. If you are doing a 365 photo project and you want to link up, or if you just want to see more photos from other bloggers, please visit one of their sites. **

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