diy :: make your own team banner


I mentioned before that I would post about “non-photography” things from time to time, and with my old blog (Mama Dish) ending, I’d like to re-purpose some of my most-viewed content here. I am so pleased when I get new comments on posts I wrote 2 years ago, so I’d hate it if these helpful […]

catch the moment 365 :: week 10


Even though I’m a little behind on getting my Catch the Moment 365 photos up on the blog, I’m still dedicated to the project, and so proud that I am taking a photo almost every day! Weeks 8 & 9 were tough. The weather was awful, and I was just coming off a terrible cold. […]

playing catch up :: ctm 365 weeks 6-9


Well, hello again! It’s been quite a while since my last post (46 days to be exact, but who’s counting?!) Being sick, traveling, and then falling way behind on editing will do that to a blogger. I’m doing my best to catch up, but in order to not go completely insane, a few of the […]

catch the moment 365 :: week 5


Well, it was an eventful week 5, to say the least. We had a major snowstorm this past Saturday/Sunday. It started snowing at 9pm on Saturday and it never let up, for 29 straight hours! I don’t ever remember seeing a snowfall like that before. When the snow finally did stop, we measured 20 inches […]